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Local Breweries
The Island is excellent beer territory - taking into account its small size and geographical isolation, it boasts an impressive range of beers, many excellent pubs, and no less than four breweries!

In recent years we've lost one brewery and gained another. Sadly, Ventnor Brewery folded in 2009, and is greatly missed. They brewed a range of fine beers, including the magnificent Sunfire, but others like Oyster Stout and Sandrock were of the same wonderful quality and will be remembered for years to come.

To fill the vacuum created by Ventnor's demise, Island Brewery was born the year after, created by local beer wholesalers Island Ales, using the mighty talents of former Goddards brewer, Chris Coleman. The impressive range of well-considered beers of the very high quality we've come to expect of Chris have been very well received and have quickly established themselves on the Island scene. Of particular note is RDA, a superb old ale which made its first informal appearance to a select few many years ago when Chris was just a home brewer.
telephone: 01983 821731
Goddards Brewery
In 1987 the stock market crashed and Lloyds looked to their names to cover their losses. "Time to honour your agreement, old boy". One of them was Anthony Goddard. To meet his commitments, the family home had to go as did the vineyard. At around the same time, Anthony met Jonathon Stancil of Burts Brewery, then on its last legs. They both agreed that the Isle of Wight needed to preserve its brewing tradition and Goddards Brewery was born in Anthony's new home, Barnsley Farm. Jonathon returned to his native Yorkshire, but Goddards, still run by the family to this day, has continued to prosper, and the splendid Fuggle-de-Dum in particular has been finding its way into many local pubs.
telephone: 01983 611011

Former Burts brewer, Dave Yates, launched his own brewery in 2003, and in 2004 won the bronze in the Champion Beer of Britain with his YSD. Yates Brewery boasts an impressive portfolio of beers, including the mighty Christmas ale Yule be Sorry at a thumping 7.6% which was recenly awarded GOLD by the London and South East branch of CAMRA. Yate's Islander is probably the most popular of all beers brewed on the Island.
telephone: 01983 867878

Boojum and Snark Brewery
Named after a Lewis Carrol poem, Boojum and Snark are the latest Isle of Wight brewery. The "pico"brewery/pub is situated in a former shop in Sandown High Street. It specilises in offering craft beers from carfully chosed mainland breweries and Boojum and Snarks own special beers.
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