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Within CAMRA we have a dichotomy (or perhaps that should be "paradox" ) how do we encourage more people to use pubs without being seen to encourage drinking and driving?

One answer is for pubs to run a courtesy bus. This is quite common in some counties such as Australia. Unfortunately, in the UK current legislation discourages this practice. Put simply, if a service is run for hire or reward it must comply with Public Service or Hackney Carriage legislation; and reward is deemed to be any service connected to a profit making concern..

FACT: Whether you or I consider the bureaucracy of obtaining PSV licences too onerous is irrelivant. Landlords do! They all got rid of their courtesy buses when the law was reinterpreted.
FACT: Allowing pubs to run a courtesy buses can only be a "good thing". Apart from anything else, it discourages drink/driving and can help alleviate social isolation.
FACT: It is perfectly legal (and, as such, presumably safe) for a man without a PSV licence to drive a minibus with "Animal Sanctuary" or "Kings Street Juniors" painted on the side. It is completely illegal for the same man to drive the same minibus with "Dog and Duck" painted on the side.

Fortunately, Bob Seely is sympathetic and we hope will bring the matter to the "house".
Our former MP Andrew Turner was also a supporter and corresponded with the then Transport Secretary (see below). We are keen to hear of instances where landlords who have run a courtesy bus but have stopped because of current legislation. This could also include landlords who would have run a service but have been put off.
Please help provide information and let me know if this has effected a pub that you know of. (

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